The Diplomatic Winter Bazaar to be held as a live event in December

October 6th, 2022

Since 2019 the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar has been held online. This year the organizing committee has decided to go back to the original form of the event. The event is to be held in Skenderija in Sarajevo on December 3rd and will include stands representing embassies who will sell food and other items from all around the world, vendors, family entertainment and more.

The Diplomatic Winter Bazaar is a non-profit organization that raises funds to help children and young people all across BiH who are facing difficult financial situations, orphans, children with physical or mental challenges, etc.

The 2022 Organizing Committee volunteers include Gry Reinertsen (Norway), Anna Jewell (IMF), Tatiana Chontzaisa Papandreou (Greece), Tania Messerli (Switzerland), Piet Bakker (The Netherlands), and Madeline Ben Atiković.

For information about ticket sales and the event, please follow on social media:


FB: DiplomaticWinterBazaar

IG: dwb_sarajevo

Linkedin: Diplomatic Winter Bazaar