We seek to support charities supporting children and youth in need throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. This includes:

  1. Treatment for special needs children as well as children living with physical or mental disabilities, autism and children under cancer treatment
  2. Children without parental support or living in dysfunctional families
  3. Students coming from vulnerable families who cannot afford continuing their education for financial reasons

We aim to support charities that are representative of all ethnic and religious backgrounds. We pay particular attention to organizations that do not have regular funding or where activities have to cease because of a funding gap. Many of the charities we support not only assist the child/individual but also their families as a whole. We believe that keeping families in times of crisis is crucial for the wellbeing of children and parents.


Please let us know if you know a charity matching these criteria and we will consider supporting you.


Contact us at with “Application for funds” in the title of the email.